Tapentadol 150Mg (Palexia)


Tapentadol 150 mg tablet usage is against moderate to severe pain. The medicine is a pain relaxant. The drug is a strong painkiller that works effectively against acute pain too. Tapentadol 150 mg tablet works by transmission blocking of pain signals from tissues to the brain.

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Palexia tapentadol 150mg is a strong painkiller as it is an opioid medication. The medicine is used in adults for the treatment of severe long-term pain.

What do you need to know before you take Palexia tapentadol 150 mg tapentadol?

Do not administer Tapentadol 150 mg tablet-

  • if you have allergic to tapentadol or any of the other ingredients of this medicine
  • if you have the problem of asthma or if your breathing is extremely slow or shallow like, hypercapnia and respiratory depression

Warnings and Precautions-

Consult your doctor before consuming Palexia tapentadol 150mg tapentadol if you:

  • have slow or facile breathing
  • do not get fully conscious or is suffering from uncontrolled pressure in the brain
  • have a head injury or tumours in the brain
  • Are suffering from liver or kidney issues
  • Are suffering from a disease in pancreas that include inflammation of the pancreas or pancreatitis and disease of the bile duct or biliary tract disease
  • are taking medicines referred to as mixed opioid such as nalbuphine, pentazocine, or partial mu-opioid agonists such as buprenorphine
  • Show a tendency towards epilepsy or if you are on other medicines that can increase the risk of seizures.
  • have a tendency to abuse drugs or if you are dependent on certain drugs, as may cause Palexia tapentadol 150 mg In this particular case, you should only take these drugs for a short time and under strict supervision of your doctor.

How to take Palexia tapentadol 150mg?

Always consume this medicine as your doctor has prescribed you. Check with your doctor if you are uncertain.

Your doctor will change the dose and time between doses of Palexia tapentadol 150 mg as per the condition of your pain level and your requirements. In general, the 150 mg dose is sufficient for pain-relieving.

How and when should you take Palexia tapentadol 150 mg?

Palexia tapentadol 150 mg is for oral use.

Consume the tablets of Palexia tapentadol 150 mg with a full glass of water. You may administer the tablets either on an empty stomach or with food. Do not break, chew, or crush the tablet.

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